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cleanup project directories with AS

PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 6:06 am
by udo.killermann

sometimes it helps to cleanup certain project directories and force a clean rebuild. This function is not built into Objective Basic, so I wrote my own version with a little help from AppleScript.
In order to have the script available while working with ObjectiveBasic, you have to activate the AppleScript Menu from ScriptEditor which you find in the "Utilities" subfolder of "Applications". You choose "Preferences..." and select "Show Script Menu in Menu Bar". After that an ancient scroll should appear in the menu bar. Depending on the application you are working with you get specific scripts for this application.
Save the script into ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Objective-Basic as cleanCurrentProject.scpt and you should be done. After that you should see cleanCurrentProject as an item in the script drop down. Select it and it will move certain files into the trash bin.

Code: Select all
-- cleanCurrentProject.scpt by U. Killermann
-- use at your own risk, no warranty - it works for me
on getOBProject()
   -- first we obtain the current working directory for Objective Basic
   set obProjectPath to (path to current user folder as string) & "Library:Objective-Basic:LastProject.txt"
   set projectHandle to open for access file obProjectPath
   -- the read will fail if LastProject.txt isn't present, so we'll have
   -- to cover this situation
      set theProjectDir to read projectHandle
   on error
      display alert "Oops" message "Objective Basic's last project can't be found!"
   end try
   return theProjectDir
   -- if we are here we should have the project's main directory at hand
   -- since OB projects are all structured the same way, we can proceed
end getOBProject

on Posix2AS(posixPath)
   set ascriptPath to POSIX file posixPath
   tell application "Finder"
      set theFolder to folder ascriptPath
   end tell
   return (theFolder as string)
end Posix2AS

on clearPosixDirectory(thePosixPath)
   set theASFolder to Posix2AS(thePosixPath)
end clearPosixDirectory

on clearDirectory(thePath)
   tell application "Finder"
      set theDirectory to folder thePath
      delete files of theDirectory
   end tell
end clearDirectory

-- let the user decide if she want to clear the current project

set answer to display dialog "Clear current project?" buttons {"no", "yes"}
if (button returned of answer) is "no" then return

set currentProject to getOBProject()

-- isolate the project's name
set text item delimiters to "/"
set projectName to (last item of text items of currentProject)
set appName to projectName & ".app"

set executablePath to "/" & appName & "/Contents/MacOS"

set theSubDirectories to {"/ObjC/Release", "/Build/Release/o", "/Build/Release/ObjB", "/Build/Release/Objc", executablePath}

-- now do it!
repeat with theSubDirectory in theSubDirectories
   clearPosixDirectory(currentProject & theSubDirectory)
end repeat

If you append
Code: Select all
tell application "Finder"
   empty trash
end tell

even the trash will be emptied automatically.

Kind regards