New to Objective-Basic; some questions...

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New to Objective-Basic; some questions...

Postby efgee » Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:15 pm

I'm new to Mac's in general and looking for an comprehensive easy to use programming language.
(not new to programming though...)

Looking at the forum: Objective-Basic seems not to have many users yet.
How confident can a user be and hope this language will be around for awhile?
(and being actively developed...)

A few days ago I downloaded the test version but didn't install it yet, only extracted the help files and going through it in order to see the capabilities of Objective-Basic.
(maybe it's a good idea to make the help files available online...)

I did not find build-in database support like SQLite or similar, will it come at a later time or are there examples how to use SQLite with Objective-Basic?

Also is there any Quicktime integration, like showing a video inside a Objective-Basic application?

Another thing is: didn't find any hint's on the website how the licensing is handled.
Is it like PureBasic ?(buy it once and you are good for life)
Or is it tight to major revisions? (upgrade needed in order to get the newest version)

Just need to make up my mind if I jump on the PureBasic, Objective-Basic or Objective-C path.

Thanks for reading
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Re: New to Objective-Basic; some questions...

Postby berndnoetscher » Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:38 am

Welcome on board efgee,

well, first of all I work on objb, because I would like to develop in Basic on OS X - it is just my personal favour and I won't abandon it as I did in the past.

Database support is not directly supported yet, it could be done using objc-bridging/native code, but it is to hard. There are some libs around for several databases, which I would like to include in the future.

Quicktime is supported. You will find an example how to use it.

About the license for professionals. The following is stated on the order section:
The Objective-Basic License gives you the right to update to all coming next versions of Objective-Basic without any costs.

So this means buy once and get all future updates for free.

It is free for personal use.

The next major feature that will come is support for ios.
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