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Some questions and answers about Objective-Basic

PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:21 am
by berndnoetscher
Does OB compile directly from source to binary or does it generate Objective-C code to be passed to gcc?
>> ObjB compiles to Objective-C sources, which are compiled by gcc to binary code.

Is there an option to include C code and call it? I assume Objective-C calls are possible.
>> Directly using Objective-C code is not supported yet, but it will come. Meanwhile it is possible to add extra language features using the "declare" statements. Missing class functions of Cocoa can be used this way. Check out the "Objective-C" example shipping with ObjB.

Is there a language option to dynamically increase/decrease array sizes? I can malloc and realloc in C but would prefer something built into the BASIC language.
>> Check out the "Array" example shipping with ObjB. An array variable may hold any type of variable (mixing different type is possible as well). Adding and removing new variables to an array is possible at runtime and intended.

What frameworks does OB link against?
>> Foundation and AppKit are now linked.

Can the programmer include their own frameworks?
>> This is planned for future releases. Making it possible to include Interface Builder plugins "with a mouse click".

Does it run via Xcode IDE or is it a separate IDE?
>> The IDE is written in Objective-Basic itself.

Is there a built-in OB mechanism to use the debugger ( gdb )?
>> The debugger support will be ready for the final release of 1.0. It will be much like gdb.