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Xcode 4 and Objective-Basic

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:24 pm
by berndnoetscher
Hi all

the last days, I analyzed the upcoming new version of Xcode 4, which integrates Interface Builder inside the IDE of Xcode 4.

First, I checked for the possibility to write plug-ins for xcode. Too bad, that Apple decided not to provide an official plug-in interface in older versions, they even drop support for ruby and python in Xcode 3.2. Tested the the available plugin for "D" and it did not work at all. But I managed to get file and project templates for the Xcode IDE to present objb selections, but I could not set up keywords and file types for objb and code completion is not working. So this is a not a solution.

Second, I did some tests with the possibility to have an xcode project including the interface builder files, which will be managed by the objb IDE. All looks good so far, the behavior between Xcode 4 (integrated Interface Builder) and Objb IDE works as expected, but I ran into trouble managing the xcode project with applescript commands. Therefore, I decided to wait for the final release of Xcode 4, because it could have some changes before released (you know it is a preview).