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clone project

PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:43 am
by udo.killermann

I was tired of cutting and pasting code snippets between projects in order to improve an existing project without destroying the current state. So I created a cloner that allows you (and me) to clone an existing project and in the process adjust some keys so that the cloned project will work although it now has a new name.

Here is the main code:
Code: Select all
IBOutlet myButton As NSButton
IBOutlet myView As NSScrollView

Dim thePlist As NSMutableDictionary
Dim thePlistPath As String
Dim fileArray As Array

Dim theApplicationName As String
Dim theApplicationSignature As String
Dim clonedProject As String

Dim sourceProject As String
Dim sourcePath As String

Dim theException As id

Dim theFileManager As NSFileManager
IBAction cloneIt(sender As id)
  NSOpenPanel.CanChooseDirectories = Yes
  NSOpenPanel.CanChooseFiles = No
  NSOpenPanel.AllowsMultipleSelection = No
    sourceProject = NSOpenPanel.FileName()
    ' did the user select a directory or did he cancel out?
    If (sourceProject = "") Then   
      Exception("Source not selected","sourceNotSelected")
    End If
    sourcePath = Concat(FilePath(sourceProject), "/")
    ' check if sourceProject is a valid OB project directory
    thePlistPath = Concat(sourceProject, "/Contents")
    ' Alert(thePlistPath)
    fileArray = File.List(thePlistPath)
    ' Alert(fileArray)
    If (fileArray.Count() <> 2) Then
      Exception("No Objective Basic project as source", "noOBSource")
    End If
    theApplicationName = InputPanel("Please input name of cloned project", "", "")
    ' has the user canceled out of the input process?
    If (theApplicationName = Nil) Then   
      Exception("Destination not selected","destNotSelected")
    End If
    clonedProject=Concat(sourcePath, theApplicationName)
    fileArray = File.List(clonedProject)
    If (fileArray.Count() <> 0) Then
      Exception("Destination already exists","destExists")
    End If
    If (theFileManager.ExistsFile(clonedProject)) Then
      Exception("Destination already exists","destExists")   
    End If
    ' raises "ReadDictionary failed"
    thePlist.Replace("CFBundleExecutable", theApplicationName)
    thePlist.Replace("CFBundleIdentifier", theApplicationName)
    thePlist.Replace("CFBundleName", theApplicationName)
    thePlist.Replace("CFBundleSignature", theApplicationSignature)

    ' now we have substituted the necessary keys with the new project's fingerprints
    If (File.Copy(sourceProject, clonedProject) <> Yes) Then
      Exception("Copy failed", "cloneFailed")
    End If
    WriteDictionary(thePlist, Concat(clonedProject,"/Contents/Info.plist"))

    ' File.RemoveFile(Concat(Concat("/Users/HU/Desktop/",theApplicationName),"/"))
    ' clear cloned project's directory of artefacts left by old project
    ' tell user that operations have been sucessful and end execution gracefully
    Alert("Project has been cloned successfully!")
  Catch theException
    Select Info(theException)
      Case "ReadDictionary failed"
        Alert("Error occured", "Info.plist could not be opened")
      Case "sourceNotSelected"
        Alert("Not sure?", "Please select the project you want to clone")
      Case "noOBSource"
        Alert("Error occured", "Tool only works on Objective Basic projects")
      Case "destNotSelected"
        Alert("Not sure?", "Please name the cloned project")
       Case "destExists"
        Alert("Error occured", "This project name has already been used\nplease select another one!")
       Case "cloneFailed"
         Alert("Unspecified error occured", "The project could not be cloned!")
    End Select
    ' Alert(theException)
  End Try

End IBAction

You see I have tried to provide as much safeguarding a could think about - raising exceptions for every step that could fail and present a short explanation to the stunned user.

The user interface looks like this:
cloneProject2.jpg (54.34 KiB) Viewed 826 times

Here comes the project archive:
(942.02 KiB) Downloaded 151 times

If found the program much cleaner once I started to use Exceptions and stopped to interleave If blocks.
What do you think about this style? What would you improve?

BTW: You can use this tool if you started a project with an internal name (e.g. Huhn) and want to rename it to something more meaningful (e.g. cloneProject) before posting it to the board :ugeek: