Key Value Coding (KVC) example

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Key Value Coding (KVC) example

Postby berndnoetscher » Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:50 am

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' global

Dim myInstance As ukBaseClass

Event Init()
  Dim myMuArray As Array = myInstance!myArray
  Alert("valueForKeyPath", myMuArray)

  myInstance!myArray = myMuArray 'setValue forkeypath
  Alert("valueForKeyPath", myInstance!myArray)
End Event

File ukBaseClass.NSObject
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' ukBaseClass

Private Dim myArray As Array

Function myArray() As NSMutableArray
  Alert("get my array",myArray)
  Return myArray
End Function

Sub setMyArray(theArray As NSMutableArray)
  Alert("set my array")
End Sub

Event Init()
End Event
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